When I was twelve I had three Porsches, a Ferrari, and a Lambogini. Yeah, that's how it's spelled. When I was 16.34, I had a fucking space shuttle. That I drove to pubic school. I dated supermodels at age 15, made my first billion at age 17. Made my first trillion at age 17.45. I'm planning on selling my solid gold,… » 10/23/14 9:56am Thursday 9:56am

Bundles, in the form of a record album, for example, are extraordinarily user un-friendly. To the point of being a scam. The old adage of "I like the one song I heard on the radio, the rest of the album sucks" didn't come out of nowhere. » 10/22/14 11:30am Wednesday 11:30am

The idea that DC has been planning a return to the classic DC universe all along is compelling, but it's only wishful thinking. Whether or not they do return to the old DC universe in the future (which would in all honesty be kind of awesome) they went in to the New 52 assuming it would be permanent.

» 10/22/14 9:17am Wednesday 9:17am

I'm the last person to suggest that everyone should sue everyone for everything, but in this case I'll make an exception. That woman should sue the airline and win HUGE. The threat of a multi-million dollar lawsuit should shut the goddamn airlines up about this non-problem. » 10/21/14 9:57am Tuesday 9:57am

No, this doesn't make any sense. We're supposed to vote in a few weeks, and "Ebola ain't that big a deal, 'cuz we got this under control, yo" isn't on the ballot. WHERE IS THE FEAR? No, clearly this is liberal propaganda and we're all at risk of Ebola coming in from Mexico. » 10/20/14 11:22am Monday 11:22am