FYI, not a harsh criticism, but you may want to note that it's a Windows fix a little more prominently. I see that it says "on Windows" in the link, but I didn't read the link before clicking because given its position, I knew that it was the reference link for the article - no reading required. » 4/15/14 10:17am Tuesday 10:17am

Kate Mara (Sue Storm) recently said that all she knows about the reboot is that it's going to be a "very different" take, calling it "very grounded." [...] She also says that she hasn't yet tried on any suit, so she doesn't even know if there will be one.

» 4/15/14 6:07am Tuesday 6:07am

Not just the women. We men get insults (thankfully not rape or death threats) whenever we bring up the same issue. The cover here isn't terrible - inasmuch as there's been far worse - but it isn't good. The proportions and perspective are wrong and yeah, maybe a character in her mid-teens shouldn't be dressed like… » 4/14/14 6:41pm Monday 6:41pm