Well that’s just a problem with comics in general. Magic and technology are both all over the place with no rules at all except for what the writer wants at any given time. And with hundreds of writers over the years, that’s a problem. » 4/23/15 4:45pm Thursday 4:45pm

I love my Apple stuff. I’m typing this on my third MacBook Pro with an iPhone 6 Plus in my pocket, routed through an Airport Extreme basestation. The family computer is an iMac and there’s a Mac Mini under my TV that I use for a media server. I also have an iPad. » 4/21/15 12:42pm Tuesday 12:42pm

She’s very nearly equal to Superman in power. She doesn’t need armor any more than he does. I’m not one to defend over-sexualization of women characters, and I’m not arguing that she should be showing a bunch of skin just for the sake of cheap titillation. I’m saying that there are other ways to give her a kick-ass… » 4/20/15 12:31pm 4/20/15 12:31pm

Now imagine you’re making minimum wage at a dead-end job like millions of people do in this country. You can’t afford a device that carries 10,000 songs, your car has a broken cassette player and a CD player that outputs static more than music, and you’re more concerned with putting food on the table than spending $30… » 4/20/15 10:25am 4/20/15 10:25am