We've been living in this house for about four years - it was built a little over 20 years ago, and has had a couple of previous owners. A few weeks ago I actually found two secret compartments - slide-out drawers on a couple of decorative corner shelves built into the wall. Never had any idea they were there. Sadly,… » 1/27/15 4:57pm Yesterday 4:57pm

Marvel has aged up their characters sporadically - actually, they both have to an extent. Dick Grayson isn't a 13-year-old Robin anymore, but Bruce is still roughly the same age. Marvel though, seemed to have aged up the X-Men somewhat consistently, especially the original characters like Cyclops and Beast, as well as… » 1/27/15 12:54pm Yesterday 12:54pm

Marvel Studios is giving us the colorful nearly-faithful adaptations of super heroes, Fox is going for the more sci-fi look and feel. I'm okay with that. The Fantastic Four has always been very science-y, and this movie is going to play that up. It wouldn't be any better or worse if they were wearing bright blue… » 1/27/15 6:35am Yesterday 6:35am

I think a real misconception people have comes from the adjectives. Fantastic means the tone needs to be fantastical, and we're talking about fantastical things, but it doesn't mean "pop." People need to refresh their understanding of the English language because "fantastical" means The Fly.

» 1/27/15 6:20am Yesterday 6:20am

You may choose to follow the government-recommended immunization schedule for your child, and that's your decision as a parent. And I might choose to unleash rubella on thousands upon thousands of helpless people, and that's my decision as a parent.

» 1/24/15 3:29pm Saturday 3:29pm

Over the years, a few heroes have been identified as his equal, or close enough as makes no difference. Physically, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel/Shazam, and Martian Manhunter all come to mind. Then there's the magic-based characters like Doctor Fate and the Spectre. Green Lantern can - and has - generated working… » 1/24/15 5:14pm Saturday 5:14pm