Before you get depressed... what's the actual number? There are 21 teams that employ someone who has been charged at some point in their lives... is that 21 people? 30? 50? 200? The number of teams is irrelevant, I'm more interested in the number of people that have been charged. Because perception can be skewed. » 7/26/14 2:00pm 7/26/14 2:00pm

I've been doing this most of my adult life. Move the decimal, double, round down to the dollar if the service was iffy, round up to the dollar if the service was good. Add an extra buck or two (or five or ten, depending on the check) if the service was exceptional. » 7/25/14 10:25am 7/25/14 10:25am

My only beef with the microwaveable pouches like this is that it's damn near impossible to find a simple bag of just vegetables. Sell me a microwavable bag of broccoli. I don't want a bag of microwavable broccoli with garlic butter sauce. I don't want a bag of green beans with lemon pepper sauce. Or any other kind of… » 7/25/14 5:51am 7/25/14 5:51am

I don't hate the small ears. At least they're not nubs. But I always did like the larger style better, mostly because that's what was the norm when I was a kid. On the other hand, he was blue and gray, which probably wouldn't work on the big screen these days. » 7/24/14 5:03pm 7/24/14 5:03pm